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Ybor City Historical Walking Tour

In the fall of 1885 Vincente Martinez-Ybor purchased 40 acres of swampland and the saga of Ybor City began. Eventually, more than 230 factories were located here, employing 12,000 tabaqueros (cigar makers) and
producing over half a billion cigars a year.

The rich history of Ybor encompasses manufacturing, immigration, organized crime and revolution.

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The Official Ybor City Ghost Tour

A true “melting pot” of immigration, what began as an area populated largely by alligators and snakes grew to become home to tens of thousands of people within the span of just 40 years.

Along with the cigar workers who came from Cuba and Europe to make a new life in the New World, “Cigar City” hosted more than its share of villains, conspirators, Buccaneers, bandits and gangsters.

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The Official Downtown Tampa Ghost Tour

From the bones of Native Americans below the buildings to the Mass Graves of the Yellow-Fever pandemic, the streets of Tampa, FL are crawling with spirits. Stories of genocide, murder, mayhem, and mobsters in what was once called “The Wild West of The South.” Visit the famous and illustrious Tampa Theatre. Learn about the Mobsters and Movie Stars in The Sapphire Room at The Hotel Floridan. Finish with a close encounter of The Sacred Heart Church erected in 1860.

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Downtown Tampa Historical Walking Tour

History lives in the streets of Tampa’s Downtown. The Native American tribes that inhabited the rivers and coast called this place home long before recorded history and made the most of the area’s resources. The Spanish settlers who built communities here and gave the city it’s name. And the American troops at the start of the nation utilized this fantastic location for strategy. As the 20th Century began Tampa was one of the fasted growing cities in United States.

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